As a dynamic law firm established at 2002, we specialize in general civil law topics, with emphasis on land, real estate and building additions, including the west bank.

Giving every client our full and undivided attention, and an efficient and kind service, is of the utmost importance to us.

Following a thorough review of the assets registration status, we tailor for you a professional contract that specifically suits the land and the interested sides. Thus, we take every possible measure to assure your part of the deal, until the registration is finalized.

We provide special services for overseas clients, and we take all necessary steps to complete the transaction, without the need for the client's presence.

Our office is well suited for the religious community, and can provide convenient service for religious women, supervising all house matters, and pressed for time. We do not work on Shabbat.

Our firm also provides variety of real estate registration services for private and governmental companies. We manage projects ranging from several to thousands of real estate assets, starting with parcelization proceedings, continuing with apartment buildings registration, and concluding by rights and mortgages registration of every apartment.

We offer our advocate colleagues efficient and professional management of large scale registration projects, as well as specific registration issues. We can work either directly with the corporation or without its awareness.

Our firm has developed working relationships with Israel land administration (ILA), the Land Registry and Regulation (“Tabu”), the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, the mortgage banks and Israel Tax Authority.

We provide all notary services, including notary signature verification, notarial copy verification, and notarial wills. We also provide translation service for legal, scientific and medical documents.

The site also provides important links for land law and real estate.